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Rain Interactive, is a creative Tokyo-based, digital media company with services ranging from web design and development, custom system development, e-commerce, smart phone applications to graphic and print design, and seo consultation. With years of cross-cultural experience as well as business and digital savvy we are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap for international companies managing their Japanese market presence, as well as providing Japanese companies everything they need to expand globally.

Our artistically inclined team approaches each project with pride, intensity, and professionalism, not to mention a good sense of humour. We are highly focused and enthusiastic with creating a vision, bringing it to life, and driving it to success. We treat each client relationship as vital as part of the production process and we take great care to understand your goals, then take them from conception through to completion.

Rain's goal on every project is to produce high quality work, bring value and deliver satisfaction.

Can we build a custom system for your multinational bank? Yeah, probably. Given the right time we could probably rewrite the internet. But we're not interested in that just now. All we really want to do is help your organization perfect its digital image.

Latest News

Selling Online in Japan with Rakuten, Amazon and E-Commerce Websites

Selling Online in Japan with Rakuten, Amazon and E-Commerce Websites

When looking to bring a product into Japan or to sell online to the Japan market there are a variety of ways to go about it - each with their benefits, difficulties and obstacles. Most commonly we see requests for onsite e-commerce stores using payment gateways and companies wishing to sell through Rakuten. There are other options such as Shopify and Amazon. Each platform suits each particular case which we’ll summarise in this article.
Rain with CareFinder at 子供未来

CareFinder at Children's Future Exhibition (子供未来)

Our client CareFinder strives to provide support for parents and babysitters with its online care-matching platform for parents and babysitters. With their expanding business they recently commissioned a large set of  promotional materials, especially in time to attend the Children's Future (子供未来) exhibition at Ginza's Tokyo Messe.
Being nearby to Rain HQ, Rain went along to give our support as well as check out first-hand how our work had come out!
Football Remembers Japan 2014

Rain Joins British Embassy Football Club Japan for Football Remembers

In Tokyo, the BEFC and friends from the international community took part in a Football Remembers commemorative game held at NSK’s Saginuma sports field on Sunday 7 December 2014. As a sponsor of BEFC's website and involved in the organising and online promotion of the event, Rain was there too.

Recent Work

Royal T ロイヤル ルイボスティー Home

Royal-T Brand Site and Social Media

Royal Rooibos Tea (ロイヤル ルイボスティー) is a popular brand of rooibos tea sold worldwide and exclusively in Japan through Costco Japan. Royal-T wanted to promote the brand in Japan not only for Costco store buyers but also for the online sellers who resell online. Rain was responsible for creating a Royal-T Japan brand website, brand image, supporting social profiles and then progressively building the brand awareness organically online through a variety of digital marketing channels.

PATHWAYS - Homepage


PATHWAYS provide business solutions across the APAC region and required a new website to represent their previous expansion and current stature as an organisation. After difficulties with an offshore developer, Rain were recommended to provide the service and expertise needed.

ANA Blue Wing - Wings for Changemakers Homepage

Blue Wing - Wings for Changemakers

Blue Wing - Wings for Changemakers is an innovative online program from ANA partnered with Ashoka to raise awareness and promote social change using the strengths of digital and social media. Members of Blue Wing are able to vote for the cause of a Social Entrepreneur which is transformed into a real donation by ANA. Individual member, cause and site actions are updated and displayed across the site.